Stunt Coordinator


One of Dom's unique skills is the ability to safely organise mass brawls and battles in a very short timeframe.


'1066' involved hundreds of people, re-enactors, stunt men, stunt horses and archers, who were brought together and choreographed in situ. Three epic battles were filmed in a very short time making great use of 2nd unit stunts throughout.









The nature of cost for productions often means that large scale Brawls and Battles only have the big numbers of people for a very limited time. Therefore efficient use of time, people management and clever Choreography is required to keep things dynamic and safe.


‘Top Dog’ 'The Guvnors’,'One way Street', involved coach loads of fighting football extras and only a limited number of stunt men to make the scene work. Dom’s expertise is invaluable for this kind of action.


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