Stunt Coordinator


Dom & the Dramatic Edge Team have successfully Coordinated many types of potentially dangerous stunt. With the right people and the right budget anything is possible. Responsibities have included, arranging the action, choreographing the performers, risk Assesments, hazard evaluations, working closely with Art departments, SFX experts, and liasing with the Fire Service, Police, RNLI, and working closely with all other departments to maintain a safe shoot. More videos available on request

Major Stunts include-

FIRE WORK - 'The Great Fire of London', 'Londons Burning', 'Seven Days that made a president', 'Battle of Trafalgar the Untold Story', 'Late Shift'

















WATER WORK on 'The Seven Days that made a President', 'The River', 'Top Dog', 'Get ot Alive', 'Captain Webb'  'The Battle of Trafalgar', '1066',





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